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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Issues

Can I review all the messaging service messages?
Yes. Click the sub-heading “Text Alerts” on the left. All text alerts are listed. If you’re not receiving these text alerts, please contact INST. Arias at

Text Alerts

(Can, Could) you (change, fix, input) something (on/onto) the website?
We like to hear from you. If you have suggestions, please contact INST Arias at

How often is the website updated?
The website is updated often. The Commanding Officer requires cadets and officers check the website Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays each week for updates.

I am unable to read PDF files.
Here is the link to download adobe reader. PDFs can also be read on most web browsers.


How do I access the coursework
You will find this information in your Cadet Handbook.
What happens if I fail the coursework?
The system will let you re-do the failed assignments. If the assignments are failed a second time, cadets will have to wait one month before the system will allow the assignments to be submitted again.
When will I be able to take the exam to promote?
Exams will only be permitted once cadets have passed the coursework for that rank.
When will trainings be posted?
National Headquarters posts all summer and winter trainings. This website will provide a link to the trainings once they are published by National Headquarters.



InsigniaRateTime in RateTrainingCourseworkExam
noneSeaman RecruitNoneN/ARegisterN/A
noneSeaman Apprentice3 MonthsRecruit TrainingBasic Military RequirementsN/A
noneSeaman6 MonthsAdvanced TrainingSeaman CourseworkN/A
nonePetty Officer Third Class6 MonthsAdvanced TrainingPO3 & PO2 CourseworkPO3 Exam
nonePetty Officer Second Class6 MonthsPOLAPO3 & PO2 CourseworkPO2 Exam
nonePetty Officer First Class6 MonthsAdvanced TrainingPO1 CourseworkPO1 Exam
noneChief Petty Officer6 MonthsStaff Recruit TrainingCPO CourseworkN/A
In addition, cadets must pass a 5-event PRT in order to promote to the next rank.


InsigniaRateTime in RateTrainingCourseworkExam
noneApprentice3 Months4 MonthsPart IPart I
Abel6 Months8 MonthsPart IIPart II
nonePetty Officer Third Class6 Months12 MonthsPart IIIPart III
nonePetty Officer Second Class6 Months18 MonthsPart IVPart IV
nonePetty Officer First Class6 Months24 MonthsPart VPart V
noneShip Leading Petty OfficerN/AN/AN/AN/A
In addition, cadets must pass a 3-event PRT in order to promote to the next rank.


Dress Uniform

How to wash your Dixie Cup.
How to tie a Windsor Knot
How to tie a navy neckerchief
How to Shine Your Shoes


NWU Sleeves
How to polish your boots